Reconstruct and Revamp Sales and Supply chain,
experience a surge in numbers.

Monitor inventory levels, reorder stock, and manage sales, customers, suppliers, deliverables
and much more, all at one place.

Everything Real time, on the go, at one place.

Get updated data on daily basis with auto triggered reports to manage business effectively. Customizable dashboards to get comprehensive view with laser focus on each component.

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Track Serial Numbers and Lots

Option to choose serialised or Batched Inventory. Tracking of individual units using unique serial numbers. Batch tracking to provide insight into quality of goods by tracking the raw materials.Ability to identify best and not so good suppliers, greater control over purchase of material from.

Multi-Channel Sales

Get 360 Degree view from various sales channels. Define independent tasks with stipulated timelines and activity sheets. Get automated reports for close monitoring.

Powerful Marketing Tools

Design integrated communications plan to generate lead or sales. Engage audiences, focus on content marketing, and formulate an integrated media schedule. Plan Clear, realistic goals.

Journal and Payments

Get hold of error free and precise ledgers, accurate to the last penny. Keep tap of all costs
and revenues with regular notifications, thereby bringing better efficiency.
Gauge the financial position with insightful reports.

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Receivables and Invoicing

Keep track of accounts receivable, follow up with customers by sending regular alerts and take control of the Cash Flow. Highly customizable billing templates to make your work easy. Set the item wise Pricing once and enjoy predictive pricing for the transaction to come.

Documents Storage

Allows you to upload various documents with a click. Functionality of secure multiple access levels. Compile all project related images and videos to view realtime progress. Information that matters, at one place.

Stock Balance and Replenishment

Strike a fine balance to meet the optimum stock levels so that production runs smooth, without any hassles. Keeps production process progress with precision. Replenishment system that factors in forecast changes in demand and adjusts the replenishment orders.

Vendor Management

Seamlessly manage suppliers and customers with our supercharged solution. Easily accessible historical data about supplier spend, which can prove useful in negotiating lower purchasing costs. Define policies in the system and automatically alert employees of any violations and corrective measures which need to be taken to remediate the situation.

Automated Invoicing

Enjoy the luxury of automated invoicing for subscription-based customers and save time for things that matter.

Multi-Currency Sales

Transactions ranging in different currency is lot easier and crisper. Record expenses and share invoices in the currency of choice, set base currency and let the software do the magic for you. Reports made available in various currencies for better comparative analysis.

Multilingual smart sales and Purchase

A multilingual CRM ensures that you can serve your clients beyond linguistic boundaries, integrate your employees regardless of their linguistic origin and, at the same time, maintain uniform business processes.

Customizations- On the go

Custom made modules exclusively to suit for unique requirements. Its hassle free and lets you add fields that you lay importance on. No Coding by the way, we know it’s fantastic

Self-Onboarding and Implementation

Use an in-built collaboration tool to initiate self-onboarding and give announcements on changes to the process. Our tool not only automates the process but also enables user adoption while minimizing risks.

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