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Improve efficiency and productivity, navigate through complex processes, preventing data re-entry,
and improving functions such as production, order completion and delivery.

Total Control Of Your Production

Real time data reports of production process to eliminate revenue loss. Consistency of data for better decision making. Integrate multiple spreadsheets, batch tickets, accounting sources, sales orders, or other
sources to know the status of the business.

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Bill Of Material (BOM)

BOM to accurately manage and oversee resources and identify materials to reduce wasteful spending. Updated and timely information for cost effectiveness and supreme production planning.

Floor Management

Improve proactive response to breakdowns by monitoring job allocation, machine utilization and performance. Focus on product quality and compliance standards at each production phase. Gain the manufacturing intelligence to improve processes, improve on-time delivery and reduce defects.

Production Analytics

Timely and secure exchange of information for organization's manufacturing reporting and dashboard requirements. Experience easy, agile, and robust business intelligence platform.

Batched and Serialised Inventory

Option to choose serialised or Batched Inventory. Tracking of individual units using unique serial numbers.

Batch tracking to provide insight into quality of goods by tracking the raw materials. Ability to identify best and not so good suppliers, greater control over purchase of material.

Multiple Units Of Measure

Multiple units of measure help purchase items in one unit and then sell according to your preference. Supports default UOM for stocking, purchasing, selling, shipping, manufacturing, and reporting on a product-by-product and product-facility specific basis.

Stock Balance and Replenishment

Strike a fine balance to meet the optimum stock levels so that production runs smooth, without any hassles. Keeps production process progress with precision. Replenishment system that factors in forecast changes in demand and adjusts the replenishment orders.

Customizations- On the go

Custom made modules exclusively to suit for unique requirements. Its hassle free and lets you add fields that you lay importance on. No Coding by the way, we know it’s fantastic.

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