Give altogether different dimension to your
Customer Service with our Smart Help
Desk system

Simplify interactions with clients, potential customers and any other person who contacts a business.
Manage all support tickets coming from various channels, automate processes, monitor SLA and much more.
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Achieve the next level with useful Insights

Documents customer requests and interactions, making it easier for customer service reps to resolve complicated issues. Allows teams to capture, manage, and track the status of customer issues in an organised and highly collaborative manner.

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Automated Assignment of Tickets

Cut down cost incurred on manual assignment of tickets and automatically assign tickets using logical sequencing. Time saved to focus on customer needs and opportunity building.

Cross Channel Interactions

Integrate all your service interaction under a single head to give seamless and effortless, high-quality experience. Unify information received from mails and calls into Tickets. All this with intuitive in-built system.

Service Level Agreement

Customer gets guaranteed service quality and the service provider works within precisely defined responsibilities and tasks. Predictable resource spending, swift issue resolution, uninterrupted end-user experience, boosts the brand loyalty

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Maintenance Visits

Spend more time managing business and less time dealing with issues. Investing in preventative maintenance to avoid problems, ensure running smoothly without interruption. Keep records of task accomplished on visits, get customer feedback with few clicks.

Customizations- On the go

Custom made modules exclusively to suit for unique requirements. Its hassle free and lets you add fields that you lay importance on. No Coding by the way, we know it’s fantastic.

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