Simple and uncomplicated Asset Management
system which is completely agile and customizable.
Suits all your asset needs.

Developing, operating, maintaining, and selling assets in a cost-effective manner. Stay Ahead of the
Competition and improve Workflow with increased Productivity.

Asset Lifecycle

Automates your assets lifecycle with workflows and consolidates all information related to assets at one place. From procurement, asset utilisation, health of an asset, impairment, and depreciations, do it all, at one place.

Asset Inventory

Better decisions making through accurate inventory data. Enables business to control logistics, operations, finance, and inventory from a singular system, reducing errors and improving efficiency. Optimizes the entire spectrum spanning from order placement with your vendor to order delivery to your customer, mapping the complete journey of product

Assets Purchasing

Automated asset purchasing reduces paperwork and manual efforts. Easily accessible historical data about supplier spend, which can prove useful in negotiating lower purchasing costs. Define policies in the system and automatically alert employees of any violations and corrective measures which need to be taken to remediate the situation.

Selling Assets

Sell Assets with more accuracy and accountability thereby streamlining vendor management. Access data anywhere with Cloud Based Asset Management features, helps to produce accurate and detailed asset data reports

Assets Depreciation and Assets Value Adjustment

Produce compliant accounting reports with less stress. Eliminate redundant data entry and generate accurate reports on the depreciation value of all assets over time.Avoid receiving a qualified opinion on your next audit.

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Assets Scrapping

Establish a digital database of all assets with details that will be useful when making future decisions about the disposition of unused assets. Automated accounting entries with a click of button using the Scrap Asset option.

Customizations- On the go

Custom made modules exclusively to suit for unique requirements. Its hassle free and lets you add fields that you lay importance on. No Coding by the way, we know it’s fantastic.

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